What I’m doing right now. (inspired by Derek Sivers)

Role: Director/Biz Owner

  • Corona virus has had a huge impact on our business. We are trying to keep as many of our client workshops going as possible (by moving them online).
  • We’ve launched free webinars and new corporate products to help people transition to remote working. details at – we’d love it if you could pass this on to more than 2.4 other people.

Role: Author

  •  Finishing off my last book for a while: “How to Fix Meetings”, which I’ve been writing with fellow Ninja, Hayley Watts. I say writing… to be honest I’ve been a bit stuck with it. It’s behind schedule. Bad Ninja. I’m just not happy with it yet. It WILL be good when it’s done though.

Role: Podcaster

  • Reaching out to lots of interesting folks to get them on Beyond Busy + Fortnightly episodes. 

Role: Dad

  • A mix of home-schooling and my boy still being at school 3 days a week (he’s classed as vulnerable and they are trying, admirably, to continue as much of his specialist provision as they can).

And finally…

  • Hope you are doing OK. Be kind to everyone. 

Updated 25th March.