From Riches to Ratner: Gerald Ratner on rebuilding and finding happiness


My podcast Beyond Busy interviews people from all different backgrounds, experiences, places and stages about work/life balance, productivity, happiness and success. I’m on a quest to discover how different people manage their busy schedules- and how they find happiness along the way.


In this episode, I interview Gerald Ratner- former CEO of the major UK jewellery company ‘Ratners Group’. While most will recognise Ratner from the devastating effects of his infamous speech in 1991 – our conversation revealed a man humbled, happier and far more appreciative than at the height of his career. Ratner discusses both in his book and this episode- his harsh and abrupt realisation that money isn’t happiness, and in his own words – that there’s more to life than a share price.

While we’ve all heard the expression ‘money can’t buy happiness’ – Gerald’s story brings an honest and refreshing reality to the saying. His road to rebuilding himself, his brand and his life serves as a testament to the fact that we can find happiness in the business of focusing on what really matters.

Head here to listen to this week’s episode. 




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