Rob Geraghty and the Vision 35 Lifestyle

My podcast Beyond Busy interviews people from all different backgrounds, experiences, places and stages about work/life balance, happiness and success. I’m on a quest to discover how different people manage their busy schedules- and how they find happiness along the way.

rob geraghty

In this episode, I sat down with presentation coach Rob Geraghty. Much of our conversation stemmed around Rob’s ‘Vision 35’ – a goal set by Rob at a period in his life where on the outside it seemed he had it all, but in reality his own unhappiness forced him to create a plan with the goal of living the life he wanted by 35. We talked about what retirement means to Rob – namely, financial freedom (dubbed ‘passive income’) the ability to do what you love and where family and loved ones take the priority. Rob’s vision has even inspired my own ‘Vision 40’! We also talked about what it means to be an entrepreneur, and what it looks like once you’ve been successful.

Chatting with Rob sheds a new light on the route to happiness – one where finding it is a proactive process defined by setting goals and working towards them. In Rob’s own words, the vision doesn’t stop at 35 – it’s more of a lifestyle choice.

Listen to the episode here!

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